Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The intricacies of the woven heavy rug..

Deer antlers hanging up above..

Old pine and cedar intoxicating the room..

I'm feeling this cabin fever way to soon..

‘m wearing Dior, my scent is intoxicating to her..

While the flames flicker new memories will occur..

She’s drinking hot chocolate..

I'm on that cabernet and merlot shit..

Being in these deep dense woods

Is going to be hard to forget..

A Star took my breath away as I gazed in the sky..

Being in this cabin made me feel oh so fly..

I ain't one for the jet skis and all the mountain climbing and shit..

They roasting marshmallows around a fireless pit?..

My wool cardigan sweater says I was prepared for this weather..

Sitting around this fireplace it cant get no better..

Staring at the window pane that's engulfed in oak wood..

Architecture structure is something to marvel at..

Wondering why I ain't never seen these things where I started at..

Nothing but concrete, bars and wires..

This pine wood cabin was something to truly admire..

Pure and uncut, nothing but nature at its finest..

Let me make sure I put the lock on so no campers can came up behind us..

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