I've promised you so many things including the moon but never a ring..

I loved your line "Promise is a comfort to a fool!"..

Who was I kidding trying to leaving you..

Elizabeth didn't want that life she told us both to have a good night..

To naive to see my wrongs..

Not knowing why your so upset with me playing Marvin Gaye's here, my dear on repeat for so long..

I'm better than this you shouted..

You gave it a good fight..

In my head repeatedly I'm like bitch please not tonight..

Doing monotone screams!.. monotonous things that couples do..

I never envisioned what being in the basement would truly do to you..

I want you to tell me again for the final time it's all  my fault..

So I can once again tell you I'm sorry for all the pain that I brought..

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