Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I should have never been wrapped up in this shit!

Who do I think I am..

It ain't hard to forget..

Everyone told me to leave I gently stayed..

Now in these prevalent times I hardly pray!

I knew this shit would happen again but what did I do

Quietly like the wind I went searching for you

Who the fuck do I think I am!..

I wonder out loud

Doing these wonderful works that

Would make the world proud

It was important for me to let you know

You weren’t alone

As I dialed and redialed trying to

Connect with you on your phone

Who do I think I am

For trying to save you!

Knowing damn well

I'd never be able..

I never cared about being used shit

Hov said "money ain't a thing"..

I was just worried about my soul

And all the heartache it would bring

If you ever fulfilled your word

And left behind this God forsaken thing..

I knew I should've left a thousand times

Look at the trouble intervention brings

Now a wellness check is what I must do

Praying that everything is OK and that I dont have to

Torture myself with the reminiscing thoughts of why I had to

But could never truly leave you

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