Yesterday’s Memories

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Concentrated thoughts

Of a soul mate long lost

The bond clouds my memory

And creates strong intensity

My mind takes a journey

Traveling backward in time

Thinking of our past

I slowly rewind

The last time I saw him

We said our goodbyes

The time before that

I stared in demise

Knowing with distance

We’d soon grow apart

Years have gone by

And he’s still in my heart

We would eat, we’d laugh

We’d play and converse

Emotions resurface

As I go in reverse

The walk on the beach

We strolled through the sand

Our hearts intertwined

As I held his hand

The chemistry was strong

Like our first kiss

I float on a cloud

As I reminisce

I mastered his smell

Studied his design

Admired his intelligence

As he inspired my mind

Debates over music

Thought process exact

For my personality

A perfect match

My mind travels on

And I’ll never forget

The first time I saw him

The fist time we met

Who is this man

What a striking smile

His eyes were so deep

I respected his style

I remember thinking

I must get to know

What makes him unique

And so original

The memories flow on

He can’t be replaced

I miss him so dearly

My heart won’t erase

Records of our past

Are stored in my heart

It reminds me of closeness

Although we’re apart

I wonder if my soul mate

Often thinks of me

Can I still open his heart

With our secret key

Maybe we’ll cross paths

In the meantime I’ll play

With recollections of our past

And memories of yesterday

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